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★ Kackey @ dabigtree (Kackey at dabigtree)

Singer / djembe player / composer / lyricist

* English is below

Born in Senri, Osaka. Lives in Suita.

A rare style singer-songwriter who sings while hitting a West African drum, djembe.

It expresses organic music that is influenced by African, gospel, reggae, Okinawa, rock, etc. and has the scent of the earth.

In 1997, he joined the hard rock / heavy metal band as a vocalist and started making music on a PC at the same time.

In 2003, the moment I met djembe at a musical instrument store, I could see the vision, and it became the style of the current djembe singer.

Djembe performance is not traditional African music, but specializes in performances centered on the "ma" of Noh and Kyogen and the grooves used in festivals peculiar to Japan.

Based in Osaka and Kobe, he performed all over Japan, and overseas, he traveled alone to Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan to perform LIVE with the cooperation of local people.

He often co-stars with physical artists.


Since November 2017, he has formed and is active in the music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" with the piano singer Chiyo Overseas.

Plays original music, improvisation (improvisational music).

A session will also be held using the device "Bamboo" that converts the bioelectric potential of plants into the sound of a synthesizer.

Performed at old folk houses, live houses, Todaiji Temple, Heijo Palace Remains, Izanagi Shrine, Izumo Daijingu, etc.

Started activities to play sounds and words centered on Kabuki's performance "Uiro Uri" with actors KAOROSE and others.

In November 2018, participated in the stage of Osaka's long-established theater company "Theatrical Group Theater Kosha" at the ABC Hall as a sound.

In 2020, the performance expression group Hibana-Hibana-was formed.

In 2021, he is scheduled to participate in the stage "Aoi no Hito" of the theater group "Yorozuya" at Otsuki Noh Theater.

Performed with Jun Amanto (dancer), Aimi Hariyama (dancer), Arun Sivag from India (percussionist), Drukmo Gyal Yogini from Tibet (mantra singer), Steve Eto (percussionist), etc.


Kackey @ dabigtree

Singer songwriter / Japanese Samurai Djembe Player / World traveler


He was born, raised and lives in Suita Osaka Japan.

His music performance style is singing while playing Djembe and influenced from the grooves for Japanese traditional performing Noh and Kyogen and the Japanese festival rather than the traditional African music.

It is organic music inspired by nature elements such as the Earth, the Sun and wind, the ocean, etc., and influenced by music of African, Gospel, Reggae, Okinawan, Rock and native music.

In 1997, he joined a hard rock band as a vocalist and started to compose music by computer.

In 2003, he met a Djembe in a musical instruments shop in Osaka city, Japan at first, and then he got a vision of playing it while singing in his future at the moment he hit it. He started his career as a Djembe singer.

He has performed not only in Japan but abroad such as Taiwan, South Korea and Australia.


[SNS, Web site]


Performance artist Samurai group Hibana-

Kackey @ dabigtree Official YouTube [KackeyTV]

Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth"


Web Site


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